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Our Missions

For Ujatcare.com to provide easy and immediate access to affordable nursing services to both providers and consumers. And to simultaneous create a positive low stress working environment for nursing professionals. To achieve this mission, Ujatcare.com has integrated advances in artificial intelligence and robotics with the Ujatcare.com virtual nursing neural network.

Ujatcare.com Founders believe in and seek to promote as a prior the principle that healing is first a form of art. And that the art of caring and showing compassion for another human being, or any living thing is should work together with, and not be separate from, important advanced technologies.

Ujatcare.com remote nurse delegation services are our mission.

We break down barriers

  • UJATcare makes it possible for a nurse to carry out a nurse delegation task from anywhere in the country.
  • The RN will be in contact remotely with each caregiver to provide audio & visual prompts for the transfer of the knowledge. We can use personal phones or even provide specialized tablets or robots on site
  • A note taker will be connected during the ND session to provide support to the nurse delegate in filling out the required paperwork in real time.
  • All nursing delegation sessions are recorded so instructions and notes can be verified against the recording.

We make the work simpler

  • Book the remote ND.
  • Create your company account.
  • From the Apps, Add Telehealth Nursing Delegation to your cart.
  • Make the online payment.
  • Fill out the Nursing Delegation referral form that you will find on your Files.
  • Upload the completed form to your UJATcare Files.
  • Connect with the RN and notetaker at the scheduled date & time. We will send you the link.

We provide benefits

  • Encrypted tools to protect the patient PHI.
  • Forms stored in your client’s UJATcare profile to avoid sending the information via email.
  • Access the information with a unique username & password.
  • Everyone involved will have the security that his/her information will be secure.
  • UJATcare.com provides support throughout the whole process.
  • Feel free to reach out through our LIVE chat. You will never be alone.

Ujatcare.com Advancing the Continuum of Health

For Home Healthcare Providers

No more expensive and time-consuming search for nurses.

Connect your CNA online with the best registered nurses using their personal device.

Quick turnaround time, secure a nurse delegate in less than 1 hour.

Obtain the required eSigned reports in minutes not hours or days thanks to Ujatcare.com notetaker.

Improve patient care and outcomes with telehealth monitoring and recording of each session.

Incorporate smart tablets and mobile Robots for long term care or ALF nursing needs.

Hospitals secure more skilled nurses through a hybrid of remote robotic nursing attendants and on site services.

Telehealth Nursing
Delegation in Nursing

For Registered Nurses

Are you an RN expert in Nursing Delegation?

Are you an RN who would like to split their time between remote work and onsite services?

Then Join the Ujatcare.com remote and robotic nurse delegation pilot program.

We will connect you to licensed agencies to perform the nurse delegation.

We will represent you to hospitals and other providers as part of the cutting edge in healthcare’s technological future.

Earn extra money by working part time from home or even from work without leaving your current job! You work when you want to work.

No need to complete a full-time schedule.

Just take the nurse delegation or remote telehealth nursing requests that you want to when you want to.

For patients

No waiting weeks or days for an examination or consultation.

Virtual and robotic care with a doctor, registered nurse, or other care professional.

Reduced cost telehealth on demand. Connect 24/7 through your mobile device, computer, our dedicated CareCube tablets. Better yet invite our Ujatcare.com robot concierge to your home and let it work for you.

As a private pay client, working with Ujatcare.com providers you will enjoy:

  • Financial Savings. Remote and in house robotic companion care cost less.
  • Our 24/7 Access on demand to a healthcare professional.
  • We offer 24/7 long term care robotic monitoring.
  • Hospice and Palliative care robotic services.
  • Become part of the evolution of in-home healthcare technology.
Remote Nursing

We are Technology

AI powered tablets

AI powered tablets

Click and get a call with a nurse.

Encrypted UJATcare profile.

Access all UJATcare apps & tools.

For providers: EVV state aggregators installed.

UJATcare App

UJATcare App

Providers and patients can track caregivers in real time.

Caregivers are clock in and clock out automatically. No need to check in.

Reports and calculate the total hours for payroll.

Ujatcare.com virtual classrooms for caregivers training and certification.

ucChat App


HIPAA compliant channel of communication.

Instant messaging all stakeholders.

One Click Video Calls and Conferencing.

One click outgoing calls with Text messaging.

Ujatcare.com eForms and compliance document library.