Our Mission

To build the UJAT as the brand which will disrupt home healthcare industry


UJAT understands what homecare industry is all about. UJAT has built hundreds of websites for home health care agencies and went through all their problems, so it understands it all. Now, it wants to take it to another level. That is why its goal is to be recognized as a brand that home healthcare will be associated to. When you say UJAT, we want you to think HOME HEALTH CARE.



By creating a network.

By stopping fraud and abuse.

By bringing honest reviews of home healthcare agencies, caregivers, consulting and franchise companies.

By giving freedom of choice back to people.


Because UJAT wants to disrupt industry that needs disruption.

Because it wants to make a change.

Because it wants to make home healthcare industry a safer place.


UJAT has an international team which is taking the best out of diversity.
We understand differences, we overcome obstacles, we become stronger everyday.

Words of the Founder

“I am not here for the money. I am here for an idea.”