SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

    SEO is all about Google, Yahoo and Bing recognizing your website pages and social media profiles as being relevant and trustworthy as a source of information for your target online audience. The websites that provide consistently good quality services and receive positive feedback from clients become more popular by showing up on the first page of these search engines.

  • 2. How important is it to be on the first page of big search engines?

    Extremely important. More than 93% of all consumer buying decisions start with a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search for a local caregiver or other home healthcare service provider. Fewer than 4% of home caregiver consumers will look past the first page of a local search engine result. So, getting an SEO ranking of your home health care agency and caregiver services on or near page 1 of Google, Bing or Yahoo means more potential clients.

  • 3. Why does that matter?

    It matters because all businesses need a way to find and keep new clients. It’s likely that your homecare business will be competing against more established businesses in your area. You need to showcase your skilled nursing and personal caregiver services in a way that effectively vies with the rest of the market. By using the best strategies and practices in the SEO field, UJAT Care’s technicians will help to improve your ranking from the competitors and bring more potential clients to your homecare website.

  • 4. What will UJAT Care’s SEO do for my new business?

    Remember, Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine crawlers need to find relevant content before they rank your homecare or health care business higher than the competition. For new customers to find your homecare or health care agency, your company website pages, and social media profile must cater to the needs of customers when searching online. Simply put, UJAT Care’s SEO team works towards getting and keeping your homecare website as one of the top search results on major search engines. Higher rankings mean more clients, and more clients mean more success for your home care business.

  • 5. Money is tight…do I really need to spend more to get professional help?

    Contrary to popular belief, hiring UJAT experts in the SEO and digital marketing field is inexpensive, and spares you valuable time. Your goal is to become a leader in the homecare industry, and our goal is to help your website display your passion and quality. Why waste your time becoming an SEO expert when you have UJAT Care to take care of it for you? You can grow your business; let us handle growing your online presence.

  • 6. Can an SEO company guarantee first position or first-page placement in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines?

    Again, simply put, the answer is no. And any company that does guarantee first position or first-page placement is likely fooling you into giving your money or uses spamming tactics that hurt your homecare website in the long run. Don’t fall into that trap. At UJAT Care, your company’s success is our goal. We can make a difference in your homecare website’s search results position because our team has the experience needed to do so. UJAT Care uses tried and true social media marketing, competitor analysis, and keyword targeting tactics to give you the best chance of becoming and remaining a top search engine result. If your homecare agency provides consistently high-quality service, we can help bring clients looking for just that.

    But remember, no amount of SEO can help your home care agency or care provider services succeed when the product or service delivered is poor

  • 7. My homecare business provides many different services. Can UJAT Care supply specialized SEO for all of them?

    UJAT Care works to make it easier for online customers to find your website and to hire all of your skilled personnel, whether they’re skilled nurses, companions, hospice care professionals, concierge caregivers, or non-medical transportation services. UJAT Care’s SEO team can provide complete SEO coverage for every unique service you provide by using specific methods that promote that service directly to potential clients and their family members.