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Sun Tsu: Is Business Like War?

The Chinese philosopher general Sun Tsu never said "is business like war" , the quote is uniquely "made in the USA". But misquoting Sun Tsu does not make it any less true, business is about making decisions on the tactics and strategy needed to give you an advantage over your competition. It is all about arming your home care business with the right arsenal and using it. Successful home care business owners and independent caregivers know the value of being ARMED. To succeed and grow you need a strategy and the tactics necessary to Acquire Retain Manage Engage and Deliver the best in services to patients. And you need to find and keep the best trained caregivers. Our BETA NETXGen home health care management suite is centered on technologies that allow your home care business to provide both patients and their families secure 24/7 access to information and care. And equally as important to manage the documentation and visit verification demands of payors so you get paid. At UJATCare.com we identify, develop and connect the technologies necessary for your home care business strategy to succeed. All UJATcare.com business tactical solutions are driven by the problems you face and are solved by inspired by humans, then built and managed by AIs. And both UJATcare.com humans and technologies are constantly being redefined and refined so we can meet each new and unexpected challenge your home care business faces.

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